Dave Hollinden
  • for flute, Bb clarinet, alto saxophone and marimba
  • duration: ~8 minutes
  • composed January - March, 2007
  • commissioned for recording by members of the Eclectic Trio and Crescent Duo at Central Michigan University: Joanna Cowan White, Kennen White, John Nichol, and Andrew Spencer.
  • premiered at the Summer Institute for Contemporary Performance Practice, New England Conservatory, Boston, MA, June 23, 2007.
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Excerpts are from the CD Woodwind Echoes

  • Woodwind Echoes -  Eclectic Trio and the Crescent Duo: Joanna Cowan White (flute), Kennen White (clarinet), John Nichol (saxophone), Andrew Spencer (marimba).
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Program Note:

My ideas for Flux started out as two simple melodies written on successive days. In trying to select one of them to use as the basis of the piece, I decided to use them both. Continuing in this manner, four related yet distinct personalities eventually emerged, one for each instrument, with each expressing its own perspective on the slow, quiet music that was evolving. In the end I had five minutes of somewhat melancholy music with only a brief outburst of activity.

As I considered adding a second, faster movement, I soon found myself elaborating the brief outburst into several minutes of faster, more active music, now with the saxophone, whose prior role had been the most plaintive in the ensemble, in the foreground. This extended outburst eventually worked its way back into the quiet spaciousness of the original music, and this became the final form of the piece.


"A handful of pieces from attendees of SICPP's Composition Workshop ... showed impressively deft skill; a couple were particularly compelling. Dave Hollinden's Flux (a world premiere), for three winds and marimba, opened with hazy phrases that clashed diatonically but soon juxtaposed obsessive, piercing, irregular chords, punctuated by a honking saxophone."

     - Matthew Guerrieri, Boston Globe, June 25, 2007

"I'd like to add a comment, as I was in Boston for the premiere of Flux. It is a terrific piece, great to listen to, and according to the performing marimbist on that concert, Davy Anderson, great to play. I highly recommend..."

     - Scott Deal, DMA, Professor, School of Music, IUPUI

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